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"So glad to find so many affordable & pretty maternity clothes for office! I have to meet clients most of the time and all those maternity wear out there make me look so auntie!! So I was so happy when my friend recommended this site to me. Kudos Niidu!"
"Tks Niidu for offering such wide range of choices of maternity clothes! I was really having a hard time looking for affordable yet chic looking maternity clothes. You have open up more options for me, without overspending! Tks and hope to see more stock coming in soon!"
"The maternity clothes selection which you have is very affordable and of variety. I'm impressed and satisfied with the service, received all my clothes on the very next day via the registered mail.

You might wish to consider to add in the measurements and sizes of the maternity clothes in order for mummies to have reference points if it fits them. So far I've only wore the jeans as the rest of the clothes are really big.

I'll consider visiting your site again."
"We have received the dress with thanks! It is indeed as viewed on the site. My wife is very happy with it! Hope that you can bring in more varieties soon as we are looking forward to purchasing more dresses from your site."
"Yes, I received the dress on Monday and it was good. The fabric was better than expected, and the size was as described. I washed it last night - the color stayed, and there was no creases. No ironing needed! Will definitely check back for your new stocks."
"We received the clothing. My wife is happy and complemented the clothes are nice. She might want to buy a few more if necessary. Thanks a lot for your service. We truly appreciate it. Wishing you good business."
"Received my clothings in order! The selection is great which catered for first time mummies like me.. Now I am going to shop for my baby's items soon!"
"Niidu has fulfilled my dreams of being a beautiful and modern preggie! They have a wide collection of pregnant clothes at affordable prices. I will definitely recommend Niidu to all my pregnant friends!"
"Wonderful selection of clothes! At affordable prices too! I always find it hard to find maternity clothes because they are so expensive and I only wear it for such a short period of time! But with Niidu, I can satisfy my shopping needs and doll up myself. Thanks Niidu! Keep it up!"